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Pop’s Old Black 2WD K5

A tribute to the old man


“Old Blackie” is our 1972 2WD K5. It’s been in our family since 1974 when my father purchased it from the original owner. He used it as a daily driver until around 86 and, from that point, it was used when we went to the lake and needed to tow our boat, or it was kept in the garage.

Pops pulled the engine and tore it down to the block when I was in college...roughly 1998-2000 or so. He rebuilt and restored everything under the hood and it runs great. He had planned to mess with the rest of it when he retired (he retired in 2015) but Parkinson’s had other plans for him and he’s not able. I’m the grateful beneficiary of the truck since 2019.

She runs just fine so most of what I’ll be focused on will be basic mechanical blocking and tackling and cosmetic stuff. Specifically, my priorities are:

1. New shocks and springs. She’s leaning a bit to the left and is a bit soft for my liking.
2. New wheels and tires. Both for appearance and because she has a bent wheel.
3. I need to sort out the vacuum lines. I have a slow leak from one of the lines that is not in it’s proper place (separate thread). In fact, it’s not connected at all. Also would like to source and install a vapor canister.
4. I plan to recover and/or replace the front seats and add a rear seat. She did not come with that option from the factory.
5. I will rip out all carpets and replace them.
6. Going to pull the gauge cluster and have it restored and probably add a different audio head unit and speakers.
7. She’s 99.9% rust free but I do have 2 tiny pin-sized holes on the inside of the tailgate I need to deal with.
8. I will pull the top and have it restored. I have cracking in a few places and it needs a repaint.

After that, I have various other things I want to mess with. In terms of paint, it’s all original and in darn good shape for it’s age so that’s not a priority just yet. Looking forward to sharing with you all. I’m enjoying the insights provided on the site.


Trim Level
350 V-8
3-speed auto

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