Project “Bad Grampa”

  • Not sure what will happen with this truck, but I thought it would be fun to document whatever I do with it anyway. My friend had this truck for sale and asked if I would try and spread the word about it. At first I had ZERO interest in it but when he sent me the pics I had to have it. A two owner rust free grampa truck with 61,000 miles that spent most of its life in Texas... only bad thing is the paint on the hood sucks (a white chevy hood should be easy to find) and reverse was all but gone. Interior is immaculate other than a saggy headliner. Still has the factory stereo! He wanted $2000 which is about half it’s KBB value. I offered $1500 and he took it. PERFECT! Throw a JY transmission in it, fix the headliner, and slap a JY hood on it, and make some $$$. I decided to drive it until the trans completely let loose, while I searched for a good deal on a replacement transmission. Finally found a used one with a 90 day warranty for $500. It was more than I wanted to spend but there was no core charge. Sadly... The transmission lost all gears the day before my replacement shipped out. That figures... so this is where I am today. I’m about to go swap out the transmission and get this thing back on the road. So like I said... I wanted to flip this truck. But after driving it for a couple months I think I’m in love with it!?!? I’m at the point where I can still make money off of it, but I’m also at the point where I have a daily driver with a lot of potential. Soooooo... lets see where this goes!
  • Year:
    Trim Level:
    Bone stock blue interior
    Factory Options:
    AC, tape deck with equalizer, PW, PL...
    5.7 TBI
    10 bolt rear
    Factory 15” steelies with beauty rings and center caps
    30x9.50 Yokohama Geolanders
    Two tone white with light blue metallic
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