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Project Chump (88 K5) - ORD front 4 link install


I don't post much on this forum, because I feel embarrassed showing pics of my junk when people like Greg72 are doing much more :-) Anyway, I took over this Blazer from my brother when he died in a motorcycle crash years ago. I didn't do much but drive it for a while, which was a lot of fun. During the past few years, the mod's have started to come a little faster because I sold my race car and have some expendable cash and a garage full of tools that needed some exercise.

The first major mod was a D60 front and 14 bolt rear. Both with 4.56 gears, rear locker, etc. I won't bore you with those details because most people here have similar setups.

The second was the 6.0L rebuild, along with 4L80e. You can find that thread by searching threads started by westn11.

The third was replacing the front floor which had a decent amount of rust, along with the start of a cage, seats, and full convertible top.

That brings me to my current project. I always hated the way this thing rode. I had to go over speed bumps in the parking lot slower than a teenage in his lowrider Honda (no offense) to stop from bouncing out of my seat. I started pricing out new springs and stumbled upon pictures of ORD's new (at the time) front 4 link kit. After a few calls, I was hooked on the idea, and purchased the kit.

This "build" thread will start with the 4 link install. I'm hoping that I'm not to far from the first test drive, with only some brake lines and other miscellaneous things remaining.

Sorry for the crappy pics! I grabbed them this evening in the corner of my dark garage. I'll be pulling the axle out this weekend to clean things up, paint and take more pics of what I had to do to get things to work. That will give anybody who cares, an idea of what went into installing it.



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