Project Frostbite 1 ton K5 build

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  • So I started this build a while ago and also have it posted on pirate4x4 but there is a lot of people on here that are not on pirate so I figured I would show my work here as well. Lots of good tech on here and I love hearing peoples feedback. I will do my best to get all my other post on here as soon as possible. Thanks!

    So im a little late starting this build thread but have a bunch of pictures and cool things to share with you guys! There is still a lot to do on the build that I am not done with yet so I will keep adding to this as I get more stuff done to it. This was suppose to be my budget build to get me out wheeling now since my big long build is taking a while but this is turning into more than i wanted to [​IMG] A little about the k5...its a 1984 Chevy K5 6.2 diesel that i got without a engine, tranny, and tcase. The k5 is rust free and has very few dings and dents thankfully! Basically all I bought it for was to use the frame and shell. Here is a ruff list of the main parts I am going to be putting in it....full roller 383 stroker engine, 93 nv4500 transmission, passenger drop np241, 14 bolt FF, chevy kingpin 60, and 37s. Here is what it looked like when I first picked it up.


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  1. benchseat4speed
    Got a weakness for a white custom deluxe with clear glass and wagon wheels. I prolly woulda bought the sob too.
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    1. chevys4life
      haha yes!