Project Overtime: 1978 K5

  • I just picked this up on Friday. It is a 1978 K5, Dana 60 front, 14 bolt rear, 4.10's. The frame is immaculate, body is very very good. Needs a motor, trans, t case, front clip, and the normal little stuff that goes on with something like this. It was a project of someone's and they just lost interest in it, so I got it for a smoking deal. Plans right now are to put it together and make a nice driver a little bit at a time. Onto the pics!

    78 19.jpg 78 17.jpg 78 19.jpg 78 17.jpg 78 16.jpg 78 15.jpg 78 14.jpg 78 13.jpg 78 12.jpg 78 11.jpg 78 10.jpg 78 9.jpg 78 8.jpg 78 7.jpg 78 6.jpg 78 5.jpg 78 4.jpg 78 3.jpg 78 2.jpg 78 .jpg 78 1.jpg