Project Resurrection: The s10 truggy.

  • Im like a damn clown juggling projects here. So tonight I brought home an s10. I couldnt pass it up. The guy did full rockers and cab corners with pictures to prove he did it the right way. Plus a fresh door, fresh front clip, new core support, and a clean bed to donate to my buddy for his s10 street rod. It came home for $600 with 335k on the clock and a 4.3 motor I refuse to believe has that many miles on it.

    This all started with this today.


    Then I went and bought this for $600.


    So Im not doing anything too extravagant here. Between the street rod, work truck, and house Im digging myself into a little bit of a financial hole. This should be a good outlet to fill some of my time doing the fab without too much financial investment.

    The plan is to put the s10 cab on the tube frame. Throw the big sun roof from the 442 in it before I junk that. Its looking like the truck is going to be 4.3 TBI, fullsize NV3500 or maybe a nv4500 and dual toyota tcases. Tube truggy bed and an exocage down the road. I want to run my 12,000lb milemarker up front and probably an 8000lb HF in the back as an o **** winch.

    Obviously the first thing to tackle will be getting the cab on the frame.

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