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So finally after all the chatter I made a move on a new truck. My daily driver (1999 Stratus) is not long for this world. Water pump went on me the other day, car over heated, gauge didnt lead on to how bad it actually over heated and the head gasket cracked. Got lots of nice oil boogers in the radiator and its just not worth fixing.

So onto craigslist I went. 24hrs later I brought home a 1994 isuzu trooper with a 3.2L v6, 5 speed, 4wd, Isuzu 12bolt rear w/ 185,000 miles for $900. Shes up there in miles but really clean, AC even works.

So the plans for it are to build an expo style rig. This truck needs to be comfortable and capable. Its shaping up to look like...

Dive in head first, screw phases
Lift coils in rear
285/75r16 Goodyear Duratracs
Fullsize spare
1in body lift

Narrow my dana 44 from the 87. Bronco shaft on the long tube. Narrow my DOM tie rod and draglink. Its already setup with a milled flat top and crossover and its fresh maintenance wise all rebuilt and has a lockright.

Front suspension will be ballistics brackets, DOM radius arms, and TJ or XJ coils. Will be poly bushings on the axle end and both ends of the uppers. The frame end of the lowers will either be trail-gear creeper joints or ballistics joints.

Transfer the winch, highlift, and $200 AGM battery over from the 87.
Home made front and rear bumpers, sliders (probably toyota sliders)
Roof rack for kayaks

Its basically gonna be how the rest of the world builds 4x4s, small and capable.

Pictures of the foundation:








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