Quadrasteer Suburban tow rig

  • Having really liked our 2005 Yukon XL, I was gearing up to tow a small-ish camper across the country with it (5.3L 4x4 3.42 gears, Autoride). At some point I decided that a 1500 with soft coil springs and tall gears might be OK for camping a few hours from home (I even got the airbag shocks and compressor working again), but for thousands of miles and tackling the continental divide, a stouter rig was in order. No interest in pickups since they're too cramped for 6 people all day long. While looking for 3/4-ton Suburbans I remembered that some Quadrasteer ones had been built. Since I was involved a little with the truck 4-wheel steering during my time at Delphi (see https://patents.google.com/patent/WO2001020822A1/zh), I decided no other vehicle would do. So after chasing them down in various parts of the country, I ended up driving to Syracuse to pick up this Maryland native.

    (pics to follow)
  • Year:
    Trim Level:
    2500 Quadrasteer
    Factory Options: