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Rdn2blazer 73’ K5 build thread (random pics)


My old build thread being brought out of mothballs

I made good progress this weekend. I have a lot left to do but its progress none the less. I have the tubes to make an "X" for the rear passenger over head area but I cant put them in till I remove the top and weld the top of the tubes.

I used all 132 feet of 2" DOM .125 wall tube I bought. I need more tube, didn't have enough to finish it all. I want to use 1 3/4 for the seat area for the front and rear seats. I also will use 1 1/4 for the custom dash. I need to still get a Vintage Air unit so I can still have a defrost and heater, ofcourse air conditioning is nice too.

Wont do the rest of the dash till I get the air unit so I know how it will fit in. Dont want to tube the dash and find out I cant fit the unit in, that would suck. The pic with the left over tube is all I have left over. I will use what I can for tube gussets so I will have basically no waste. I did not waste ANY tube during this so far. I didn't use Bend Tech. I did it all by tape measure, Protractors, and "Bending 101" techniques. Having a "calibrated eye" helps a ton.

I dont think Bend Tech would have got me any more precision then how I did it. Everything came out as good as it possible could. I have a couple of 1/8 gaps on one side of a notch or two to fill but thats it. I am pretty proud of my first real cage build so far. What do you think, remember, Im not done yet.

My 6yr old son helped a ton with getting bends to exact mirror image. He would watch the degree wheel and we would flex 1/4 degrees if we had to to match one side to another to be Symetrical. cage pics next post.






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