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Richard's Funky Fire Truck

  • rich.JPG I bought a fire truck. It's an m1028 with 53,700 miles.

    I bought the truck through a government auction. It was down in PA so it took the help of a couple local ck5 guys to make it happen.

    I went down last weekend with the hopes of picking up the truck but the bastard who represents the sale for the forest service didn't show up.


    When I got home I discovered they mailed the title, so I got some plates at the registry and booked a 12 hour bus ride to Reading, Pa.

    Josh picked me up at the bus stop and we went back for the truck.

    After leaving the property we stopped at a local gas station to wire up some tail lights, mount a spare, and I was off for New Jersey.

    I've still got about 240 miles to go, but so far so good.




    The Plans:

    I bought this truck to go with some land up I'm Maine I recently purchased. I'm hoping to build a cabin and shop up there through next spring and summer. I don't actually know how to build a house or garage, so that should be interesting. I may make a separate thread for that or include it here.

    At least 37 inch tires to get the rpms down

    4 inch lift (I think)
    - shackle flip from DIY is in the mail
    -front springs tbd, but they will be off the shelf

    1 inch body
    -also in the mail from DIY