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RJFguitar's resto-mod - went offroad


I haven't been on the board much in the last couple years so for the noobs, I'm Bob.

For some quick history on my K5, I believe it to be a fish and game government vehicle original due to the special paint scheme, and being that forest green was never a stock option. I bought it when I was 16 and it was stock as a rock.

I have no pictures of when it was completely stock and this is the earliest picture I have of it.

Stock drivetrain, 3.73's, 6" lift, 33's.

next I built a mild 406 small block. Edelbrock performer intake, Qjet, hooker headers, 9.2:1 comp., stock big valve heads, mild cam. Made about 320HP and 425ft lbs or so at the crank. This is still under the hood today.

Next came a built to the hilt 700R4 and freshened up 241. Next came a 14BFF/8lug 10b, 3" body lift, custom built drive shafts, and 35x16 boggers with Weld 16.5x14 scorpios.

A few wheeling shots

Fixed the bumpers to where they look correct with the body lift and here it is right before I got bit by the Dodge Cummins bug HARD, bought a new diesel, and parked the 'ol girl for the next 6 years....


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