Offroad Ryoken's 89 Crew Cab Tubebed build... aka Mutt....


ok, couple weeks left here.. the rig should get picked up monday, maybe to me by next weekend or so... but I need a place to start rattling out plans, parts, etc, so they don't get forgot...

Here's how Mutt is sitting out on the west coast at the moment awaiting transport......




couple new things waiting for her...


slightly different approach than previously mentioned... I am going to be doing a quickie, easily removed temp wood flatbed.... super simple, got this flat black stuff at work I'm gonna douche it real quick... weekend project out of the gate...

i came to the conclusion , that with material costs more than likely in the 2 to 3 grand range with the fuel tank and probably a good 200+ hrs initially for fabbing, it may be aug before the tube bed and fuel tank setup in back is able to be "run"

might as well make the small effort to have the truck be reasonable looking for the po-po, my inspection guy, etc till the tube bed can be final installed... the wood bed will be easily removed or installed in 10 minutes, 4 bolt's... this way I can pull it off on a friday when i come home.. working on the bed, rear frame and suspension, etc, than slap the wood bed back on monday morn or something...

I'm definitely sandblasting from the cab backwall to the rear early on.. tarp and a sheet a ply to protect the cab... more than likely that'll be the first weekend project gig.. clean primed slate to start rear suspension and the bed from...

gonna need a couple tires for inspection... that'll be the first purchase when it gets here... actually i'm having the bed lumber dumped off at work next week... i should be able to bang out the structure and slathering it with paint in a day... mount the next day... first real fab will be the rear x-member and tube bed mounts....

once all the tube bed materials are paid for, I can give Kert a jingle and start investing in the hangars and custom rims... I've already determined that there are a few certain things the K5 will have to temp donate till i can repurchase later.. some of the x-over stuff, SRW hubs, a few other lift components...

that needs to be done if I'm gonna fasttrack Mutt here to toughication.... ;)

as some may remember the cc floor thread, maybe next summer, I may be looking to do some out of the box canine cage action for the new pooch.. we'll see how that develops...

updates and more ramblings soon to come....

oh, anyone run a towing light bar? was it sweetk30's flatbed with the light bar?



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