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Ryoken's 91 GMC 1500


figured I'd put this in here, tho it probably wont be much of a "build".. we'll see down the road, maybe I'll throw a paint job at it or something..

anyway, as I mentioned in Mutt's thread, bought a new alternate DD'er for $400...



just a 4.3 with a 4 spd.. but he has spent some coin over the last yr or so, so I didn't mind giving him 400 for it... new front tires, new flywheel and clutch, alt, rad and w pump.... good sticker till oct 015, see what happens than.. heck, maybe I'll put a 5.3 package in it...

just gonna clean it up some for now, drive it and fix as needed... it could use back brakes and the idler arm is a bit sloppy...

one thing I have to check into that I could use a bit of firsthand experience with is, the plastic clutch/ressy replacements that feed the slave they sell now for this gen pickup/clutch setup? I know he's blown up a couple of those over the last 5 yr's.. :dunno: apparently it wasn't a great design and the aftermarket replacements fail easy.. when he had the clutch/flywheel put in, that's what the tranny guy said, they where notoriously cr@ppy...

bonus factoid... I now have a use for the black toolbox on the back of Mutt now... wasn't going on the tubebed, so it was just gonna sit in my garage... :woot:

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ok, couple weeks left here.. the rig should get picked up monday, maybe to me by next weekend or so... but I need a place to start rattling out plans, parts, etc, so they don't get forgot... Here's how Mutt is sitting out on the west coast at the moment awaiting transport...... couple new things waiting for her... slightly different approach than previously mentioned... I am going to be doing a quickie, easily removed temp wood flatbed.... super simple, got...
yum, new toys... :bow: What might I be up to? Been putting a bunch of hrs into the truck this week... My neighbors must be hating me, the grinding, welding and compressor haven't stopped for 3 days! :haha: Phase 1 is almost complete... I'll post some pics over the next couple days... Sad thing is, phase 2 and 3 are even more involved... :doah:

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