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SAS'ing my 02 Duramax - Garage Build


OK, here it goes! I'm finally tired of broken drive lines, CV joints, ball joints and all the extra crap hanging off the bottom of my truck. I came across a guy that was going to SAS his Duramax, but never got started with the project. I bought the parts cheap, along with a 1979 Dana 60, high steer kit, Fox shocks, diff covers, new gears and all! I'm horrible about keeping up on these forum builds, but I'll try to give you guys some progress now and then and let you know if I find any tricks, pitfalls, or triumphs! I broke my np263xhd transfer case last time I threw the front drive shaft, so I am also looking for a 271/273 case that will allow me to run a larger 1350 shaft along side my allison. Currently, you can only fit a 1310 DL in the tight space. If anyone has leads on other cases, let me know. I greatly appreciate any advice, but please don't just come on here to talk ****. I'd like to keep this positive, and instructive. Thanks guys!





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