Service bed trailer

  • Been needing to get my tools organized and since I've been working as a mobile diesel/hydraulic mechanic figured a trailer would be the best choice. This bed is probably going to only be temporary for a few years. Surface rust everywhere, couple through spots, dents, etc. 9ft long Knapheide body for a dually.

    (Edit) Done with this as a trailer, bed transferred to the crew cab.

    IMG_20180506_164934369_HDR.jpg IMG_20180506_164943410_HDR.jpg IMG_20180507_140747594_HDR.jpg IMG_20180507_145701030.jpg IMG_20180507_153322689.jpg IMG_20180623_102725372.jpg IMG_20180623_113047703.jpg IMG_20180625_184536456_HDR.jpg IMG_20180625_184559249_HDR.jpg IMG_20180625_184659654_HDR.jpg IMG_20180625_184707354.jpg IMG_20180625_190301182.jpg
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    Service bed