Shady's Crew cab short bed project (SOLD)

  • Alright, I've had quite a few sqare bodies since I joined this group. As dueling says "I MAY have a car buying problem:whistle:" But I finally have what I've been hunting and shooting for. I picked up this CCSB last night. It needs a lot to be a good wheeler but its the body/frame/ suspension that sold me. Not to mention a little stupidity and inattentiveness. Its got a 350/350/208/10b/10b:doah: drive train. I didnt notice that it was a 1/2 ton driveline till I was half way home. But this will drive me around till I can find what I want for a drivetrain.

    After fixing the steering, speedo, idle, brakes, leaks, and a couple gauges it should be a good driver:rolleyes::haha: It drove me the 3+ hours home as is with only a few tense moments, and one phone call to a fellow ck5'er. Thanks AJMBLAZER:waytogo: