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  • Ok ladies and germs, This is my official build thread. I hesitated on doing one for fear of jinxing myself and never getting my rig done. but whatever here we go. If you were at BB this year I handed you your T-shirt.

    First some history and a giant wall of text. My brother (kgblazerfive) and I have been wheeling off and on since we were in our teens. I've built a few rigs, sold them for various reasons.

    I bought the end all DD/trail rig in 2008 (84 GMC Jimmy, for pics see my blog I never update) took it to BB09. (my very first BB) blew the tranny and tore off a shock mount the first day in Hells Revenge. Parked it on the trailer. Also blew up my tow vehicle that year half way there and ended up buying a new truck on the road in order to make it to BB. (I figure BB09 cost me around 30k). I won the hard luck award and MrK5 gave me a really nice water bottle. (thx Scott) which made everything better. :rolleyes:. MiniWally offered me a seat in his buggy for the rest of the bash and that was awesome. (thx Brandon)

    Came home, put the jimmy in the back shop, saw some rust on the rockers one day and promptly torn the whole truck apart down to the frame. It sat like that for like for 4 years. While I did other stuff and rode dirt bikes

    I have this neighbor across the street, he has a 68 impala sitting in his garage "getting restored". He put in there when they moved in like 12 years ago. He hasn't touched the thing in 12 years. I see it everytime he goes to work. I realized that was me and I needed to change.

    Wheeling the Jimmy and spending time in other peoples rigs as a passenger taught me what I wanted in a wheeler and what I didn't. I also realized that I was not the guy I was in my twenties. I could not wrench all night on my crap and get up for work like it was nothing. Nor did I really want to. I needed to embrace the farm. So that's what I decided I would out the big stuff I didn't have the tools or talents to do right, get over the big hurdles with help and then the little things would be much easier.

    Now I've cheated hard at this build thread. I took a lot of pictures and just held on to them. So a lot of this stuff might seem like I'm moving fast when I'm not.
  • Year:
    Trim Level:
    lap of luxury
    Factory Options:
    60 air
    Built vortec 350 on propane
    fully built 700r4 reverse manual valve body, custom TQ, cooler x2
    Transfer Case:
    203/205 ORD doubler and triple stick
    PCS full hydro ram and pump, trail gear orbital
    3 link front, 4 link rear, 16 inch ORI's
    Dana 60, 14 bolt, detroit lockers, 5.38 gears, trussed, armored, diff covers. 35 spline front axles
    Hummer H2's with custom rock rings
    42 inch pitbull rockers
    rattle can orange and brown
    RZR seats, on board air, T-max competition winch.
  • 2016 Jason Payne trophy. Thx to family and friends who helped get Ned to where he is today.

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