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Stomis' Return of the Truck Build


Well someone requested some pictures of the bed I'm working on in the tool shed. IMO its going slow but coming out really well. Heres a day and a half of work.

Theres also a crappy pic of how my welds are coming alot. A straight bead and a stitch. Could always use advice on how to improve to please critique.





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Im like a damn clown juggling projects here. So tonight I brought home an s10. I couldnt pass it up. The guy did full rockers and cab corners with pictures to prove he did it the right way. Plus a fresh door, fresh front clip, new core support, and a clean bed to donate to my buddy for his s10 street rod. It came home for $600 with 335k on the clock and a 4.3 motor I refuse to believe has that many miles on it. This all started with this today. Then I went and bought this for $600...
So despite my numerous endless projects Im taking on another vehicle. Not really because I want to, Ok I lied I do want it, but because I need it. For the past week Ive been doing heavy equipment welding/fab repair. It started out as a temporary one day thing working for a friend and kind of unfolded into picking up a very big repeat customer once they saw our work and drive to make some dough. Needless to say because my friend is so busy and I was doing 90% of the work he brought me in as a...
We all have a disease. At least Im in good company of others with the disease. The first thing the wife said when I went to buy this truck was "This isnt gonna be another thing you sink a **** load of money into is it?" I gave her a boldface lie of a NO! right to her face and she knew it too. Only reason Im getting away with it is cause she likes the thing :D So Ive spoken of it on here but never really elaborated. I bought a 90% done project from a guy on craigslist. Specs as follows...
So finally after all the chatter I made a move on a new truck. My daily driver (1999 Stratus) is not long for this world. Water pump went on me the other day, car over heated, gauge didnt lead on to how bad it actually over heated and the head gasket cracked. Got lots of nice oil boogers in the radiator and its just not worth fixing. So onto craigslist I went. 24hrs later I brought home a 1994 isuzu trooper with a 3.2L v6, 5 speed, 4wd, Isuzu 12bolt rear w/ 185,000 miles for $900. Shes up...

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