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Swetty's 89 Burb! The Saggin Wagon


Picked this up the other day from a guy I work with. 1989 Suburban, Silverado trim, 350 TBI, 700R4, NP241, and 10 bolts front and rear. Triple bench seats :pimp: and the fancy woodgrain trim on the bezel. It has the typical GM shitty paint from the 80's. And of course, barn doors :D

Current plans are to drive the snot out of it and fix some little things here and there and maybe do a 3/4 ton swap when I pull those axles out of the Trazer and go one ton. Thinking of making it a good camping/road trip/ do anything that I need it to do vehicle. On to the pictures!


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I just picked this up on Friday. It is a 1978 K5, Dana 60 front, 14 bolt rear, 4.10's. The frame is immaculate, body is very very good. Needs a motor, trans, t case, front clip, and the normal little stuff that goes on with something like this. It was a project of someone's and they just lost interest in it, so I got it for a smoking deal. Plans right now are to put it together and make a nice driver a little bit at a time. Onto the pics!
Well, I figured I might as well throw up a build thread for my truck. I got it when I was 17 for my birthday as my first car. This October I will have had it for four years. Anyways, I was looking for a truck and I had always wanted a Bronco. But all of the trucks I looked at were either rotboxes or they wanted too much money. My spending limit was about 3K. So I kept looking, and eventually spotted the Blazer. It was sitting in a parking lot, and me and my dad looked at it and it seemed to...

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