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Swettysblazer's 1991 K5 Trazer: Wheeling it


Well, I figured I might as well throw up a build thread for my truck. I got it when I was 17 for my birthday as my first car. This October I will have had it for four years. Anyways, I was looking for a truck and I had always wanted a Bronco. But all of the trucks I looked at were either rotboxes or they wanted too much money. My spending limit was about 3K. So I kept looking, and eventually spotted the Blazer. It was sitting in a parking lot, and me and my dad looked at it and it seemed to be pretty solid. I had something going on, so he called the guy who owned it and they set up a meeting to look over the truck and take it for a drive. The first thing that the PO did was take my dad through a field behind his house :haha:. After that, he came home and told me that he wanted too much. I was a little disappointed, but didn't dwell on it. Well, my birthday rolls around and I open a little box and it has a Hot Wheels Blazer in it. Under that was a set of keys :woot::woot: so they punked me on that pretty good. We wound up paying 4000 for it, and took it home. It had about 170,000 on it when I got it.


There it is the day after I got it home. On the way home, we noticed that either the seats had an Air-ride suspension in them, or there was a hole in the floor. Guess which one it was? :doah: Also, the muffler and exhaust was almost rotted off of the thing. So, we put a Flowmaster 40 on it and dual exhaust going out the back (big mistake, fumes were terrible). After this, we decided to conquer the floor. The area where the seats bolted to the floor was pretty shot. The backs were rotted through and you wound up doing the gangster lean no matter what you did. So the floor got fixed, and I drove the truck as it was for about a year. One day, me and a buddy went four wheeling up behind our house. We were doing fine, when his Jeep just died. So, we had a strap, and we were right at the bottom of a hill and I said I would pull him up. I told my other buddy to lock in the passenger side hub and I did the driver side. Apparently, he had never experienced this before.:doah:
So I put the truck in 4WD, and start to try to pull him. Nothing, so I just give it more gas. Big mistake, as I fried my trans (700R4). Long story short, the truck sat for a while before I could get the money to fix it. About a month later she was back on the road and doing fine.

Fast forward to June, and I bought a 4 inch Rough Country lift. I didn't know about this website yet, otherwise I would have gone a different route. I found CK5 literally two weeks after I put the lift in. Anyways. the lift went in with only a few issues, mainly the steering arm and due to the fact this was the first time I had ever done something like this.

Some shots before the lift.






After/during the lift:


Me looking forward to it :haha:


Fronts out, new stuff ready to go in


Front all back together


Rears going in


All back together, after the lift.


Next to my buddys jeep, the one i tried to pull out and blew the trans.

As you can see, at this point I still had the worn out 33's and Rallys on it. Well, a friend of mine had some American Racing rims and he said I could have them and they fit the truck, so I took them. At the same time, a friend of my dad's had a set of 35" BFG's that he wasn't using, so he gave them to me. :eek1::eek1: So for free, I got a set of wheels AND tires. Two tires looked brand new, but two were pretty toasted and were really worn from the center of the tread going to the outside. So i bought two new tires and went to town.


Trim Level
Sierra Classic
Stock, some radio upgrades
TBI 350, Hedman 69230 Headers, Flowmaster Muffler
Rebuilt 700R4
Transfer Case
4 inch Rough Country Front Springs
Rear DIY Shackle flip
1 inch Body lift
14Bsf rear with a Lockright
8 lug 10 bolt front
American Racing AR969 17x9
37x13.50R17 Gladiator X-Comp MT's
Stock two tone copper and tan

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I just picked this up on Friday. It is a 1978 K5, Dana 60 front, 14 bolt rear, 4.10's. The frame is immaculate, body is very very good. Needs a motor, trans, t case, front clip, and the normal little stuff that goes on with something like this. It was a project of someone's and they just lost interest in it, so I got it for a smoking deal. Plans right now are to put it together and make a nice driver a little bit at a time. Onto the pics!
Picked this up the other day from a guy I work with. 1989 Suburban, Silverado trim, 350 TBI, 700R4, NP241, and 10 bolts front and rear. Triple bench seats :pimp: and the fancy woodgrain trim on the bezel. It has the typical GM shitty paint from the 80's. And of course, barn doors :D Current plans are to drive the snot out of it and fix some little things here and there and maybe do a 3/4 ton swap when I pull those axles out of the Trazer and go one ton. Thinking of making it a good...

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