The Beige Jimmy

  • This build won't be a rock crawler or a show car; just a documentation of my tinkering, cleaning, and tastefully modifying a clean and fairly stock cruiser. Something I can take up in the mountains camping, to the hardware store, or for an ice cream cone with the family.

    350, SM465, NP208, 10 bolts (2.73s!)

    Origin story:
    I found this Doeskin tan 1984 GMC Jimmy Sierra Classic on Craigslist a couple weeks ago. I'd been thinking about selling my Jeep Cherokee and getting something older and larger for offroad adventures. My grandpa must have had a good half dozen different '73-87 K10s on his ranch when I was a kid and I always loved the way they looked.

    I'd drive them to and from the hay fields, moving cattle across the pastures, and along miles and miles of barbed wire fence. One of my many jobs behind those skinny steering wheels was to drive to town to buy Cokes for 3 o'clock coffee break in the summer. I was 14 at the time and felt like such a badass romping on the big 400 my uncle had in his '82 K10.

    One Saturday morning earlier this summer, I put on some old Alan Jackson tunes to run up to the Home Depot. I saw a brown and tan C10 driving as I was listening to "Drive (For Daddy Gene)" and couldn't help but tear up reminiscing about all that time spent with my grandpa Don in his Chevy trucks. Such good memories I have associated with these vehicles.
    I want my kids to be able to form similar good memories around these old trucks.

    That's when I knew it was time to sell my Jeep. The search for a K5 was on.
    I looked at a few project rigs, but none quite resonated with me until I found this one, which fit my criteria perfectly:
    • Driver, not a project
    • Classic Old GM Smell
    • Clean enough paint and interior
    • Little to no rust
    • Relatively close

    Except it wasn't close to me. I'm in Denver and this was in the high desert of western Colorado, 350 miles away.
  • Year:
    Trim Level:
    Sierra Classic
    Saddle tan vinyl
    Factory Options:
    Front quad shocks
    Doeskin tan and white