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Offroad The Bent77 K10: more Fender cutting, the Winter of Doublers and 37s

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  • Index:
    page-1 leaf spring/steering talk
    page-3 flat tops and tire balancing, Lift, D44 powr lok, leaf spring link
    page-6 7747 ECM talk, fender cutting
    page-12 5215 bilstein shocks
    page-17 hidden winch mount
    page-22 14BSF ARB, Start of TBI installation
    page -30 Drive line stuff
    page -33 sliders
    page-37 HP perch build
    page-45 hand throttle
    page-48 rear bumper build
    page-52. CB, TBI airflow and distasteful trolling
    page-54 rear diff guard
    page-56 finally more HP info, air cleaner mods
    page-60 HP build stuff
    page-66 HP pictures, engine cam and compression discussion
    page-68 XJ steering shaft
    page-69 high pinion pictures
    page-73 Safety Harness and seat cover link
    Page-99 of fuel tanks, injection, and doublers (10 pages of fun)
    page-108 Doubler talk
    page-151 Doubler cross members link


    So a little back story. This truck came to me in the summer of 1996, owned this old pickup continuous since, used as a DD up until about 5 years ago. Quite a few engines parts already upgraded (we will get to that later in the thread)

    145k miles

    Going to take the 1977 K10 and "upgrade" it. Going to try building with as much used/beg/borrow/acquired parts and pieces as possible.

    Going with fuel injection to replace the carb

    Use existing 465/205 and at least for now the GM12 & D44 w/ 3.73
    Other than an Eaton posi in the D44 (acquired) truck is mostly stock
    Running closed chambered 461 heads on the engine with an aluminum intake off a crate motor.

    Looking at shackle flip rear and Furd 58" springs. Up front I will use the factory rear 52s. 33s are planned up from whatever metric sizes are on it now (I lied, got 35s instead!).
    Looking to do axle part upgrades in the spring.

    Input, suggestions, criticism, and sarcasm all welcomed.

    This is and old photo right after the Krylon dried circa 2002.
    Much less paint and much more rust these days

  • Year:
    Trim Level:
    Blue vinyl
    Transfer Case:
    52" Chevy front, 58" ford rear on flip
    D44, 14SF

Recent Build Reviews

  1. ZooMad75
    "The off-road version of a sleeper."
    Cool build. Lots of subtle details. The high pinion 44 is really trick. Never mind the cranky old fart putting it together, it's all an act.
    bent72 likes this.
  2. Justin V
    "The "everyman's" truck."
    Function over form. And there is still plenty of form.

    This could be one of the most capable rigs out there, considering the relatively small amount of modifications made. There are one or two crazy mods, but nearly everything is a testament to optimizing every aspect of a relatively simple truck.
    bent72 likes this.