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1969 Bronco wagon


I did some horse trading and acquired this Bronco in 1987, while living Az. 302, 3 on the tree, dana 20 t case, dana 30 drum brake front, Ford 9" rear, 4.10 rp. Daily drove, towed boat to lake, bird hunting in the washes around town, camping out in desert before overlanding was thing. Move miles on dirt then pavement then. Originally a Colorado truck, I had to drive with choke partially on until I could find just the right size jets. Truck is still has the same mods as acquired. I change the manual fuel sector to an electric solenoid, wife would never remember to change that, just the switch on dash for gauge. Only other change was the addition of CB, and a plywood box to hold needed crap, for booney outings.
Moved back to ca, daily duty and the longer distances, combined with empty pockets, meant parking her when the manual steering box quit, for 32 years.
I always knew this truck would be my retirement project. A few years ago, I bought a rolling 73 chassis, with an original power steering box, Dana 44 with gm disc conversion, and a big bearing 9", along with a 2" lift, not sure I will use lift.
The power steering box in 1990 when I parked the truck was $1000.00 with a $350. core charge, manual boxes were unavailable, big tires wore them all out, and no repops then. Engine is tired was using oil on #3, last time I drove it around the block brakes failed.
Plan is to update with power steering, d44 and disc brakes, might try to f150 disc for it, maybe not. And the 9" big bearing. The gear ratio of these axles is unknown to me. I think the chassis was an automatic, so factory would be 3.5's. The suspension mods tell me this chassis has been wheeled, hard it looks like. So the axles could be any gear ratio. My thoughts are keep the 4.1 ratio, with 31 or 32" tires, and some kind of traction aid in the rear, My 69 axle has a worn out limited slip of some kind, unknown what the 73 axle has atm. possible a front traction aid.
Fresh sbf windsor, keep the 3 spd d20 combo, maybe twin stick it. Definitely adding a/c. and udating the bumpers, current front is muffler moly and rear is piece of c channel.
The rest is just freshen up the worn and used up, then enjoy.


Trim Level
Standard wagon
Factory Options
302, 4.11, dual tanks, rear tank skid plate, rear seat, swing away spare mount, t case skid plate, bright side and tail gate trim(missing)
manual radio antenna, AM radio, Right side mirror
3 spd manual
Transfer Case
Dana 20 2.46 to 1 low
original Manual, soon to be power
front coil rear leaf, stock
front Dana 30, to be updated to Dana 44, Rear Ford 9" 4.11 ratio
15" x 8" white wagon wheels
31 10. r15 Firestone .23
Reef Aqua
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