The Horton back on track soon

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    That is the start of the exocage I am going to build over the next couple of weeks. The fact that I broke the back window has slowed progress until I could get the window replaced hopefully tommorow.

    I will post up with future up dates that include changing the leaf springs in the front finishing the cage, one linking the rear, moving the gas tank (again!)

    Specs are as follows 60 14b both with detroits 4.56 gears 56" springs in the front 63s in the rear stock tbi 350 turbo 350 trans 203-205 doubler frame is shortened (started out as a longbox truck). 42" pitbull rockers on recentered h1s. I will go find the threads that I have talked about this truck and link them to this thread. A freind and I built it for him and well he got married and his wife hates the truck so I ended up with it


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  1. Blazooki
    "Horton my orange friend I miss you"
    Let us ride to Valhalla as brothers, all orange and chrome....Ned
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