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"The Raped Grape" turning wilted raisin... ***crash update,pics start post 600***


Well I just bought my first Bowtie and pretty excited to start this project. And Deuling told me I should become a member on ck5 so here I am. What I just bought is a 81 k10 w/ a 350, sm465, 10 bolts, 4" suspension lift, 4" redneck tube body lift, on 35's. Body is pretty rough as far as dents and everything lining up right but is fairley solid as far as rust goes. I plan on just building a fun trail rig not really too worried about the body of the truck but looking to build up the drivetrain. Don't really know where I am going to go with this truck yet seems how I just bought it on a whim but as of right now I'm thinking a 383 stroker will be replacing the 350. Plan on keeping the sm465. I want to get the sketchy body lift off it and as far as everything else... I'll just wing it as I go haha


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Well I'm finally getting a build together for this truck. I have some what been keeping this truck hidden up until now. Pretty much all the plans i had for my blazer Oprah i have changed to doing to this c30 i picked up. Main reasons I wanted a roof, doors, heat, and other amenities like that for a prerunner. Also trying to tackle a back half on a blazer looked like a much more daunting task than tackling on on a pick up. Now before to many questions i do have new plans for Oprah which i...
Well new to me 71 k5. Always wanted a first gen just never really looked at buying one cause there either too expensive or too rusty. This one is neither. So i jumped on it. Specs 350 sbc Th350 Np205 Ford 44 coil springs radius arms cross over steering Rear dana 60 discs 63" springs with shackle flip Fox 2.0 resi shocks Caged Carbeau buckets 5 points 33"X12.5"15"
Well since I ended up selling the 79'. Im taking this thread over for my 01'. It starts up on post# 46

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