THE STUBBY project / R.I.P . . . . . . . . . . .

  • more info at post # 333 link to diy4x custom dash build for the truck.

    i have a 88k30crewcab body is a bit beat. box is shot in all the wrong places. then cab corners little shot along with some spots in rockers. front fenders need replaceing.

    so i got to thinking i need a party truck and dont need the length. so i want to take crewcab and make super short play toy like these. thinking more like mtmikes in the last 2 pics.

    any helpfull hints would be vary usefull.

    to those who have or helped with this kind of build and moved the spring hangers up the frame. how much lift did you get alone if any. this will help me preplan parts needs.

    plans are move hangers up the length of frame rails. then chop off the rest. mini flatbed on rear. 38" ground hawg radials. ord crossover steering and detroit rear with spicer power lock front. stockish 350tbi with 4l80-e/241 adaptor/203 range box/ord doubler kit/205 remaned & twinsticked/high angle driveline flangesalong with 5.13 gears.

    pic 1 stock truck

    rest is gathered from here for ideas.

    thanks to those trucks i have posted pics of thay look great.

    88 crew cab.jpg

    short crew1.jpg

    short crew3.jpg

    short crew2.jpg

    short crew4.jpg
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