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    I have permission from Rick Siemen Sieman to post articles he wrote in the 80s called the Wanderers. I highly recommend buying the CD from him (he's a crusty, old guy but pretty cool as well) for all important occasions - bar mizpahs, weddings, funerals, or as a present to yourself. Interspersed through this thread, I'll post up his stories. The entire concept - traveling around in a Suburban with all the comforts of home appeals to me - and when I was a teenager (when these were published the first time), was the other thing I dreamt of besides girls.
    But first, my version of this.

    1985 Suburban K20, 6.2 diesel, ATS turbo. No rust, lots of three-handed-inbred-mods, but a truck someone cared a great deal about before and totally worthy of giving it new life as my RV. My goal is great-running-condition-so-I-can-flat-tow-my-fj40 to the NW Overland Rally in June of this year. More specifically that means a rack, fixing the THIMs (aka Bubba mods), a kitchen/refrig/water tank/sink/bed inside, putting on my awning, getting the rat smell out, and hopefully having the solar system in place.

    I do simulcast the bones of these posts, so you will see similar posts on other sites - I do tend to tweak them for the site it's being posted on..... without further ado, pictures are the next post.
  • Year:
    K20 Suburban
    Trim Level:
    fridge, stove, stereo, queen size bed, guns, ammo, propane, water.... you know, typical stuff for putzing around town
    Factory Options:
    a/c, ps, pb, 3/4 ton
    6.2 diesel with ATS turbo
    Turbo 400
    Transfer Case:
    Rugged something soft something
    10 bolt/14 bolt semi float
    it has some, some has blown off.
    I'm a fan of Overlanding, but think the tea and crumpet crowd need a dose of American. So this has all the typical, hot water, cold water, memory foam bed, propane for cooking and heating, solar for being environmentally conscious, big ass batteries so I can run house a/c with the motor off for several hours. If not, a propane powered generator will complete the kitting out. I might even add a snorkel, because, well, it's not overland without a snorkel. All of this is contained is a vehicle that shouts 'Murica! and gets better fuel economy then their pigs. There is much joking - but seriously, this fits the way I camp and play outdoors. I need a place to keep the bears away until morning, but once sleep is done, it's time to play outside - otherwise, I'd just stay home. Thus, no kitchenette, no TV, no DVD, just remote camping in American style.

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