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The Wife's Dually - '82 K30 dually


I picked this up about 10-11 years ago from the same guy I bought my K5 from. It had been sitting for awhile at his place, and it has sat in various places since I picked it up. The day I got it we did get it running, and I actually drove it up on the trailer that I towed it home on. It sat at my wife's dad's shop for several years until he needed it gone, and then it sat at one of my employee's house for awhile, and she said her husband could get it running. I got a call a couple of days later that he had managed to get it running, but had a "small" engine fire... I'm not really sure of the extent of that damage (if anything I think maybe some melted wires). It has sat in a couple of other places since then, and it has been in my yard at work for the past three years.

I get offers all of the time to buy it, but I really like this truck and hope to one day restore it. Plus, my wife really likes it and actually wants it fixed up so she can drive it. So, that's why I'm starting to dip my toes in the water to start the rebuild process, and I think I may have found a body to swap on it. The original body is complete junk. Rusted in just about every place these trucks can rust, so I think a full body swap is really the easiest (and cheapest) solution for this thing. Suprisingly, the frame really isn't very rusty from what I can see. A little surface rust, but nothing too major.

I found a guy about 4 hours from me that has a decent cab, front fenders, and hood. Those are pictured in the last few pictures I've posted. We have agreed on $800 for the whole thing and that includes the 454 that was running a year ago when he parked it. It doesn't have a bed, but I can probably source one of those at a later date if I can't cure the rust issues on the one I have. The cab is from a 2wd, but it already has the floor cut for the manual trans. I'll just need to cut the 4x shifter hole for it. Other than that, it should just swap right over, shouldn't it?













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