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I have an 86 K5 and am looking for suggestions on building it up. My plans are a 4 inch lift with 35 inch tires first then I will move on to drive train and such. Of course as it breaks I will upgrade as well. My intentions are to keep it road worthy and I go off roading with my family. It is also my camper towing vehicle. So, what I am looking for is suggestions on making this happen. I am a capable mechanic but I am not a technical mechanic and my experience with building this type of rig are...well, nonexistent. I have read other posts on here and plan on getting a kit from off road design for the lift but are there any precautions I should take and are there any specific parts I should get for this lift. I intend on getting all new springs, not the flip, and the drop steering arm but I want to make sure I am doing it right and getting all I need. I am open for suggestions because I have a view of what I want but my lack of experience could conflict with my view. Thanks in advance.


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Starting with a little background on me and the truck, I won't be offended if you skip this part! Now my first car, in 1998, was a 1970 Dodge adventurer 2wd. Awesome truck but not for me so it was traded for a 62 bug that had some sort of alcohol heat system that, at 17-18 years old, I had no clue how to get it to work. At 34 I still don't!. Anyway, that was sold when winter came and I got a GMC Jimmy 89. I had that truck for a few years but after basic training and AIT I was driving it...

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