Wife's 1990 GMC

  • Wasn't really planning on a full build thread for a driver, but it keeps getting deeper! Truck has 130k miles and has almost zero rust, so worth the effort.

    Doing general maintenance ran into the first serious problem while changing the rear gear oil, 5-6 missing chunks like:


    More slop than I'm used to seeing from the spider to axle shaft, and some really nasty oil! The ring and pinion look ok, and the current backlash is at 0.017", probably why it sounded ok on the way home.

    Current tires are 31s, but the wife would like to go to 33s at the next tire change, current tires probably have a good 2 years left on them. This is 95% an in town machine (no wheeling, very light highway), so I'm considering jumping to 4.56s since the rear carrier is for-sure toast and hard to trust the gears, and maybe the axles depending on where the spider to axle slop is. Axle seal surfaces are not great.

    Any good places to purchase complete kits for front/rear 10bolts? 4.56s will put her at 2300 RPM at 70MPH and be great in the city, any other opinions here?

    Same pict from PAD:

    Slew of parts on the way to freshin the chome flaking grille and other trim, wife is very happy!

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