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Wife's 67 Power Wagon Build -Cage complete!


After numerous requests to post a build thread of the old Dodge I'm finally giving in.
I know it's not a GM but it's always wheeling with GM's, that should count for something.:whistle::dunno:

Little history on the old truck will explain the "FNLY MYN" personal plates the little woman ordered special for it.

My Dad bought this truck from a Service Tech visiting his work back in 1979.
We used it to drag logs out of the bush when I was young, as well as it being a daily driver for my dad.
Once the body got bad he planned on selling it so I bought it, and then Began My fascination with 4x4's, auto mechanics and fabrication!

Here is a "long before" and after my first build in 1986.
Yea the Tan and Red was "out there"!

I sold it a few years after that and My Wife "girlfriend at the time" was pissed because she had hopes of getting her license in it.:doah:
She swore that someday she would get it back.:haha:
14 years later she did just that!!!:eek1:

This thread will take a bit to do, because most of the photos are in a regular album, and I will be scanning them into a file to post.


Fargo 1st build 001.JPG

Fargo 1st build 017.JPG


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As requested here are some pics from the beginning of the project.

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