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WL: 1975 K5 (previously "Another new (to me) K5.")


I've wanted a 1973-1975 K5 for years. Always been one of my dream rigs. The other day a buddy of mine posted a link to a 1975 K5 on Craigslist. The ad sucked. No pictures, no phone number, not much of a description. Just said 1975 K5 Blazer, no engine, $600. So I emailed the guy a few times. No reply. Was starting to lose interest. Than a couple weeks ago, I clicked on the ad again, just to get the email address, and try one more time. Upon doing so, I found the ad had been updated with a telephone number. Called it, no answer. Left a voicemail, no reply. Tried a few times, nothing. I had all but given up on it, when a couple of days ago, the guy called me back. So he texted me a few pictures of it, and I said SOLD. Went and picked it up today.

Cell phone pictures I was texted.





It's not great, kind of rusty. Been sitting in a tree line for 20 years. Also has a god awful slushbox transmission and full time 4x4, but it is still a full convertible, and that is all I really care about. Of course as we were loading it up, he said he use to have a 1973 with an SM465, to bad he hadn't parked that one in the trees as well!

Here it is when we pulled up to load it.


Pretty standard 4" lift, blocks in the rear, no idea on gears, dry rotted 33x12.50x15's on horrid wheels.

Loaded on the trailer, fueling up.


Anyone need a tacky tube grille? I'll throw in the naked ladies at no extra cost!!!


There were some other cool cars in the tree line. I thought I got a picture of a pretty straight 2 door, 4 speed, 1955 Chevy that a tree had fallen on, but I messed it up somehow.

I did get the 1970 El Camino. 2 barrel for some reason, sadly an automatic as well.


Trans Am, with another lame automatic.


....and the sweetest car there, a 4 speed, 197(1?) RS Camaro.




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Rusty, just the way I like them.
So Chris bought this crusty 1985 K20, as seen here: ...but he really wanted a V20 (or better yet, a V30, but who doesn't???) So I made him the trade of a less crusty, but non running 1987 V20 that I had. That way I still had a hydraulic four speed setup if I cut the truck up. Here is my crusty V20 I traded. Here is my new (to me) 1985 K20 on the hoist. Chris wanted to keep the 4.10 geared full floater that had been installed...
Years back my buddy Wade bought a 1986 K10 Silverado short box. It had a 4" lift, with 35x12.50x15's, a 400 with a TH350/NP208 combo behind it, and ten bolts with 3.42's. He blew out the rear axle, it sat, the wheels were stolen from it, it was drug home, and dumped in a buddy's tree line for a few years. Fast forward to the fall of 2009, and I went and drug it out of the trees, and over to the shop where I was working at the time. Martin
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A couple of weeks ago I stumbled across this 1990 K5 for sale on here: It was almost exactly what I was trying to build, the price seemed right, and I was bored, so I bought it. Last Wednesday, two buddies of mine and I flew out to L.A. to drive it back home to Nebraska. The following posts are from a hometown message board that my buddy Joe made. I am just going to copy/paste them. He took 1209 pictures on the trip (he is kind of a...
I am going to transfer this over to here. It is probably of no real interest to anyone, but I have it on a local board, and I am always searching for it over there, for stuff on here. I figured I would just transfer it over. Martin

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