WL: Crusty 1985 K20.

  • So Chris bought this crusty 1985 K20, as seen here:


    ...but he really wanted a V20 (or better yet, a V30, but who doesn't???)

    So I made him the trade of a less crusty, but non running 1987 V20 that I had. That way I still had a hydraulic four speed setup if I cut the truck up.

    Here is my crusty V20 I traded.


    Here is my new (to me) 1985 K20 on the hoist.


    Chris wanted to keep the 4.10 geared full floater that had been installed under the '85 K20 at some time. So we spent this Sunday swapping the full floater from the K20 under the V20 (and vice versa).

    When it was all said and done, I am not sure who got the better deal, but I think we were both happy.

    He left with this:


    I was left with this: