Moab Memorial 99

Moab Memorial Day Madness 99 Moab Madness 99 has come and gone, but a grand time was had by all, in spite of the 90 degree temperature, the blowing dust and those pesky little birds that started chirping at 6 AM. A special thanks to Greg, Pam and their daughter Valerie who did most of the cooking (what's wrong with poptarts?) and accompanied us on this phenomenal voyage of 4 wheeling, tail pipe smashing (Greg!), mountain biking, camping, almost getting lost extravaganza. (All of these pictures were taken on the Steel Bender trail unless otherwise noted)


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  1. 19Tim69
    I like this... I have the hydro-boost, haven’t got a master cylinder yet but have been leaning toward the Wilwood. How do you like your set up?
  2. jekbrown
    Most Soviet / Russian / combloc pouches have belt loops that could work on the various US issued belts, the main problem with them is that they aren't exactly designed for quick deployment of the...
    Found any good AK pouches that fit modern US webbing or belts?
  4. bp71k5
    @anwat ha, I couldn’t even hit the paper at 50 yards with a handgun back then. I’ve gotten a bit better since then though. :D
  5. anwat
    At first, I thought you were shooting with a handgun and I was going to tell you that's incredible at 50 yds. Still, even with the long gun, not bad. Next time you go, back your finger out on...

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