Moab Memorial 99

Moab Memorial Day Madness 99 Moab Madness 99 has come and gone, but a grand time was had by all, in spite of the 90 degree temperature, the blowing dust and those pesky little birds that started chirping at 6 AM. A special thanks to Greg, Pam and their daughter Valerie who did most of the cooking (what's wrong with poptarts?) and accompanied us on this phenomenal voyage of 4 wheeling, tail pipe smashing (Greg!), mountain biking, camping, almost getting lost extravaganza. (All of these pictures were taken on the Steel Bender trail unless otherwise noted)


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  1. shima
    @sweetk30 thank you!!!
  2. sweetk30
    thats the wire heat sheild that should be on the last 2 bell housing bolts to keep the starter wires next to the block and away from the exhaust manifold heat . @shima
  3. MorganBrady
    @sweetk30 here is a better front bumper pic...its plenty beefy 4inch channel, 1 1/2 pipe schedule 40 and 1/4inch and 3/8 inch plate where needed, 8500# winch
  4. sweetk30
    more pics of the front bumper please @MorganBrady
  5. sweetk30
    you could not pay me to install those bearings . there so cheep they cant even put a part# on them .

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