Poker challenge 99

Wilderness Off-Road Poker challenge 99 The trail used this year to pit man against machine against luck of the draw was the Kelly Flats trail located about 25 miles outside Fort Collins Colorado. The basic rules for the contest where to navigate over trail obstacles while making it look as easy as possible, the easier you made the obstacle look, the more cards you received. The trail was very muddy which made for some interesting wheeling, especially in the "By-Pass" area (see pics below), the day included pushing, pulling, strapping, winching, flat tire repair, minor body damage and even a slight rollover - man I love this stuff! I put a small crinkle in my front fender (fortunately I can just trim the fender higher) and Gregg a small divot in his rocker panel, but the fun wasn't over, on the way home my water pump seized sending the blade through the shroud and radiator, it's amazing what a dislodged fan can do at 90 miles per hour. Fun usually cost's, this day was no exception.


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  1. sweetk30
    Red truck body on 4x4 frame next to it
  2. ZooMad75
  3. ZooMad75
    Draft away dude! I picked up most of the ideas for mine through this site so if anybody can benefit from mine it's all good.
  4. MorganBrady
    Cool album. Nice build
  5. MorganBrady
    Looks Good..I got to admit that is a wicked idea for a tire swing, do you mind if I draft on your idea a bit for my Suburban?,,, . It would be a cool idea on an engine stand too to lock where you...

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