Why 2 K5 Run 2000

CK5's Why 2 K5 Run July 1-2 2000 20 full-size Blazers and Jimmys (and 1 Bronco) from all over the country were in attendance. I would like to thank everyone for coming out and running a few Colorado trails with us! I would also like to thank Steve and James Watson for donating their greaseable bushings and T-shirts for the raffle.


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  1. nvrenuf
    Mine are bolted down and since I didn’t use the factory claw mount that’s on the seat, they do not fold & flip forward. Removal and folding weren’t functions I needed in a dedicated wheelers so it...
  2. ChrisAwesome
    Are the seats bolted down for good? Can you unclip them?
  3. AgDieseler
    One of my favorite trucks! David
  4. sweetk30
    sure looks like boat crap to me . dump it in the bay .
  5. CK5
    Towel is really distracting... all I see is a big fish trying to get a drink from the nozzle.

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