Why 2 K5 Run 2000

CK5's Why 2 K5 Run July 1-2 2000 20 full-size Blazers and Jimmys (and 1 Bronco) from all over the country were in attendance. I would like to thank everyone for coming out and running a few Colorado trails with us! I would also like to thank Steve and James Watson for donating their greaseable bushings and T-shirts for the raffle.


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  1. tenderfoot
    You didn't go get lost out there did you? Place isn't the same without your comments & posts. And pics.
  2. ChrisAwesome
    That's a cool looking rig. What is the name of that bright paint?
  3. nvrenuf
    Mine are bolted down and since I didn’t use the factory claw mount that’s on the seat, they do not fold & flip forward. Removal and folding weren’t functions I needed in a dedicated wheelers so it...
  4. ChrisAwesome
    Are the seats bolted down for good? Can you unclip them?
  5. AgDieseler
    One of my favorite trucks! David

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