Why 2 K5 Run 2000

CK5's Why 2 K5 Run July 1-2 2000 20 full-size Blazers and Jimmys (and 1 Bronco) from all over the country were in attendance. I would like to thank everyone for coming out and running a few Colorado trails with us! I would also like to thank Steve and James Watson for donating their greaseable bushings and T-shirts for the raffle.


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  1. K30guy
    @sweetk30 Good eye, haha. That wasn't the original intention, I initially robbed the arm to use on a Dodge 60 I had going into my project, but that diff turned out to be toast. So i pulled this...
  2. sweetk30
    and dodge factory arm for a cheeters steering correction .
  3. 76zimmer
    Great honor for Rob! Cancer sucks
  4. Tnsejed
    @sweetk30 I love that unit. It has worked extremely well so far.
  5. sweetk30
    so much like in this pic on many levels if you know what to look for in fine quality equipment . :saweet:

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