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Avalanche Engineering Rock Ring (14-ff)

Avalanche Engineering Rock Ring (14-ff)

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Avalanche Engineering Rock Ring (14-ff)
If you like to run the good trails you no doubt have heard the sound of your differentials being drug over rocks as they try to tear your cover off, well Avalanche Engineering has a solution to this problem. The solution is in the form of a 3/4" cold rolled mild steel ring that sandwiches the cover between the housing and the Rock Ring forming a very stout barrier.

We ordered our Rock Ring with the optional link ear so we could mount an axle truss and to show the versatility of this product, this option is most commonly used when setting up a 3 or 4 link suspension and must be welded to the axle tubes. All Rock Rings come powder coated in silver vein but we painted ours red to stand out a little on the trail and to match some of our other components.

If you are installing the ring with a 14 bolt, the lip on the edge of the cover will have to be ground off so that it can sit flush. The best way to tackle this is with an angle grinder and grind it off right on the differential. Next, remove all the stock cover bolts, if your lucky you can install the Rock Ring over the cover without loosing a drop of fluid, we weren't that lucky, but found it simple to smooth up the edges of the cover while it was off.

At this point the Rock Ring can be installed over the cover with the included stainless allen head bolts, about the hardest part of the install was holding up the massive 11 pound ring while threading the first bolt.

Rock Ring Features
* Counter sunk stainless bolts are untouchable by menacing rocks.
* Stop oil loss due to cover peel back.
* All rings are machined from 3/4" cold rolled mild steel.
* Powder-coated silver vein.

The quality of the Rock Ring was exceptional, all the holes lined up perfectly and fit over our stock cover like a glove, we especially liked how the allen head bolts were counter sunk into the ring.We now can attack those rocks with the confidence that our cover will still be in tact at the end of the trail.


Rock Ring with Optional Axle Truss


Old Cover Prone to Leaks


Lip Removed for Ring Installation


3/4" Thick


No More Leaks


Ready for the Trail
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