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Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacers

Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacers

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Billet Aluminum Wheel Spacers
These spacers are machined from 6061 aluminum, which have nearly twice the strength of the 6063 alloy that many other spacers are made of. Installing the spacers was a breeze, just lift the vehicle pull the rear tires and install between the drum and the wheel. The spacers that are needed for the Blazer/Jimmy application are 1.5" thick (rear axle is 3"shorter than front axle), you may have to get 12 shorter open style lug nuts to fit between the spacer and the rim, Performance Wheel & Tire carries these as well.

At $65.00 a piece they are a great value, considering doing it right would mean swapping in a new wider axle. Because the spacers only need to be installed in the rear, front end ball-joint wear is a non factor, now in the rear over the long run there may be a little more pressure on the axle bearings etc., but no more than a negative off-set wheel. I don't think the extra load on the axle will be to bad as long as you are running a Dana 60, 14 bolt etc., I have them mounted on my 10 bolt axle and have experienced no problems so far, but there may be a risk of damaging the weak 10 bolt. One thing to look for is seal leaks that could be an indication of stress on the axle. It's a trade off that is worth the small risk.

I recently tested the spacers at Moab and had no problems on or off the highway (that's not to say that I will not have any problems in the future, the verdict is still out), and after the installation your Blazer/Jimmy will look great and track correctly like it should have from the factory.


Installed on the drum


Blazer before


Blazer after
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