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Explorer Pro Comp Stainless Steel Brake Lines

Explorer Pro Comp Stainless Steel Brake Lines

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Explorer Pro Comp Stainless Steel Brake Lines
One aspect of lifting a vehicle that we often over look is the proper length of the brake lines in relation to the amount of lift, this especially holds true when adding sway bar disconnects.


Stock brake lines with limited room for flex

After purchasing the brake lines from 4 Wheel Parts I lifted the Blazer and pulled the front wheels off, installing these were fairly easy, I started by removing the line from the caliper and placing it in a plastic cup to catch the brake fluid. Then remove the other end that is connected to the frame bracket, installation is in the reverse order.

The Pro Comp Kit also includes a longer rear "T" line that bolts on top of the rear differential housing. After installing, cycle through the steering to make sure there is no binding of the lines, the kit does include a special bracket that attaches to the shock with a zip tie (not shown in picture). I now have the proper brake line length to allow for suspension flex and Pro Comp claims that their steel braided lines will not swell under increased braking pressure demanded by larger tires, thus delivering a quick and positive response.
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