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Hard Top Storage Ideas

Hard Top Storage Ideas

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Just took your hard top off and don't know what to do with it, here are a couple of ideas for under 50 bucks to stow away your top.


The first idea is to build a dolly with caster wheels on the bottom so the top can be moved around the garage, and it also keeps the top flat and level for protection.


Materials used were three 2x4's 6'3" long for the width and two 2x6's 6'5" long for the length with six caster wheels on the bottom for mobility. All the pieces can be purchased from your local hardware store.


The next idea comes from Shawn Spickler that puts the top nicely in the rafters of your garage. The first step is to install four eye bolts into the joists of your garage, preferably slightly wider/longer than the top.


You can use small pulleys or just pull the rope through the eye bolts directly. Unbolt the hard top normally then place four small pieces of scrap wood underneath the top, this will allow four eye bolts to be installed into the four corners of the top.


Next tie the rope end to the eye bolt in the top and string the other end through the eye bolt or pulley on the rafter. This is where it gets tricky, it works best with four people each grabbing a corner until the top is at a desired location then simply tie the end to the eye bolt that is fastened to the top and your done.


Shawn and I did complete this task by ourselves by moving the rope up in stages on each corner and then tying and uniting each end until the top was at its desired height.

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