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High Angle Driveline

High Angle Driveline

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High Angle Driveline
With a 203/205 double transfer case setup in our project K5 nearing completion it was time to turn our focus to the driveline. We have been hearing nothing but great things about High Angle Driveline out of Paradise California so we decided to give them a call to find out more about their stout 1-ton drive shafts.

After a call to Jess we were convinced High Angle Driveline would be making our drivelines, he suggested their 1350 CV (1 ton) joints and flanges at the t-case ends with ultra stout 1450 joints at the axle ends. In order to upgrade to the 1410 joints we ordered 1410 yokes for our Corporate 14-bolt rear axle and Dana 60 front axle. By doing this we eliminated the weaker strap style 1350 yoke end that we were running with the larger 1410 u-bolt style yokes. We also wanted these shafts to stand up to being drug across rocks without bending like a straw, we had this problem on our last outing with the stock shafts, so we ordered them in .120 wall thickness to give us a little more peace of mind.


Weak stock drive shaft


1/2 ton VS 1 ton CV High Angle shaft
All High Angle Driveline CV's run seals and are re-worked to be stable under extreme conditions including greaseable centers for a long trouble free life. High Angle Driveline can build custom drivelines for extremely lifted vehicles and also sponsors many competition rock crawlers so you know their products get tested in the most extreme conditions.


Rear NP205 1350 flange (patent 462256)


Front NP205 1350 flange


Rear shaft installed


Rear shaft installed


14-bolt 1410 joint


Dana 60 1410 joint
The service was excellent, I called Jess a few times with questions concerning the proper length and rotation of the rear axle etc., he was always willing to help us. Because we went with a CV style shaft the rear axle needed to be within 2-3 degrees of the rear t-case output. With the rear shaft installed we checked our angle with an angle finder only to find out that our rear axle yoke was at 12 degrees while our drive shaft operating angle was around 20 degrees, a difference of 8 degrees. The best thing to do in this situation is to cut and rotate the spring perches, but because we plan on playing around with the rear suspension some more, we decided to have our 1" ORD add-a-leafs tapered. The add-a-leafs were removed and taken to Donovan at Ram Grinding where a 6 degree taper was applied. Our drive shaft was still at 20 degrees but now our axle yoke was at 18 degrees, well within the proper 2-3 degree operating range for vibration free operation.


ORD add-a-leaf


6 degree taper added


Driveline emergency brake


Field testing the driveline!
After running the Independence trail system in Colorado with just a few scratches to the shafts not to mention a vibration free highway trip there and back we were very pleased with the quality and beef of the new driveline. High Angle also makes an e-brake setup off the one ton CV flange for those who need a mechanical e-brake. If your looking for a stout driveline give Jess a call today.
High Angle Driveline
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