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Light Force Driving Lights

Light Force Driving Lights

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Product: Light Force RMDL140 Driving Lights

One of the first upgrades that many 4-wheelers perform is the addition of auxiliary lighting, and hey, who couldn't use a little extra candle power on the trail. When Buckmasters-usa, a Light Force distributor, contacted me about testing their off-road lights, I had no idea that so much functionality and strength could come in such a light weight package.

Since the Colorado K5 project Blazer already had lights installed it wasn't necessary to use an optional wiring loom, just bolt up the new Light Force RMDL140's, attach the ground and power wires then hit the switch. The lenses are incredibly strong, molded from "Lexan" Hi-impact Polycarbonate to eliminate stone breakages, while the housing and mounts are made from glass filled Polyamid and Polycarbonate for the maximum in impact, corrosion and fatigue resistance. These lights are very bright with the ability to quickly change the bulbs with no tools, simply rotate the housing fully counterclockwise.

A nifty feature about these lights is the ability to focus the light pattern from a tight pencil beam to a large spot light, much like a Mag-Lite flash-light. Another nice feature is the optional filters that can be changed in a matter of seconds to account for various driving conditions like fog, snow and rain, making these driving lights truly functional in all weather conditions.

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