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PRP Competition High Back Bucket Seats

PRP Competition High Back Bucket Seats

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PRP Competition High Back Bucket Seats
With phase I of our cage project finished it was time to get started on phase II which included building a seat frame assembly/cage tie-in and the addition of a B-pillar cross bar. The old stock seating configuration out lived it's usefulness by at least three years so we were very anxious to remove and upgrade our seating situation. In fact, after standing our Blazer on it's rear bumper while four wheeling, the passenger seat broke and was no longer able to stay in the full upright position, it was now in permanent recline mode.

We were looking for a quality non-reclining racing bucket that would allow us to utilize a 5-point harness restraint system yet be comfortable on a dusty 10 hour trail. In our quest to find the seats that would fit our needs the name Premier Racing Products or PRP for short kept coming up and they were getting rave reviews, when we compared PRP's pricing to the competition, they were usually much lower. We also liked that PRP will work with you and build a "custom" seat that truly fits your needs... and your bottom. You will not get stuck with the "manufacturer's recommended" color schemes, PRP offers an extensive selection of color's and fabric types to satisfy your need.


Stock drivers seat


Stock busted passenger seat


Stock seats removed

* 35" Tall X 22" Wide X 26" Deep
* Mounting Area: 14" Wide X 18" Front to Back
* Standard flip cushion
* Optional removable cushion
* Available 2" wider
* Available 4 " taller

While searching for seats we had heard that with the hi-sided seats the piping on the sides can catch on clothing etc. while entering and exiting so we ordered ours without the piping, once again, they had no problems making the seats to "our" specs. PRP has many styles to choose from but we liked the Competition high back for the driver and passenger containment as well as the ability to run our RCI 5-point harness setup. We also opted for their sliders so the seats could be quickly positioned between drivers, PRP also sells tabs if you wanted to simply bolt them in a fixed location. We ordered our seats in "classic" all black and they showed up on our door about two weeks later looking for a new home.

Before we could install the new seats we had to build a tube frame and tie it into the cage along with lap belt mounts and add a tube to the B-pillar which would serve as a mounting point for the shoulder harnesses. After the tube was purchased we headed over to T.J's (denver75k5) house to design and weld up what would become the new seating attachment point, I'm thinking he will never tell anyone he has a welder and a little free time for quite a while.


Crack in floor next to seat mounting bolt


PRP Slider kit


T.J. welding in seat cage
After the stock seats were removed we noticed a crack in the floor almost two inches long at the back of both factory seats very near the factory mounting point, this was clearly unsafe, and a great reason for having everything mounted to the roll cage. After the new tube work was completed the sliders were bolted up to the bottom of the seats and the seats were bolted to our new mounts, that simple.


Seat cage and shifter mount completed


Passenger side


Reinforced harness area


Drivers side


Ordered with no ribbing between stitch points


Easily change padding


Reinforced belt opening


Large 12" head rest area


Quality materials


Installed passenger side


Installed drivers side


Crawling in comfort
A few test runs with the new seats left us wondering why we waited so long to upgrade, it was great not having to have a death grip on the steering wheel because we though we might fall out at every off-camber situation, not to mention traveling down the hi-way. We are very pleased with our new PRP seats, the quality was top notch and the service even better, we don't think there is a better seat for the money on the market, in fact we will be calling them to purchase our rear bench seat from them in the future. Please check out their site below to find a seating solution to fit your needs, you will not be disappointed.
Premier Racing Products
41537 Cherry Street
Murrieta, CA 92562
Phone Number
(800) 317-6253
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