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Quick Release Door Hinge Pins

Quick Release Door Hinge Pins

I just ran into this after replacing the rocker panels. I found the passenger side door bushings were shot. Getting ready to start on that part. This was great to stumble onto while looking for help to tear apart the steering colum on 1985 M1009 cucv in need of turn signal switch and a whole lot of wiring issues when the Army tore out the radio's. Looks like spegetti hanging out from under the dash. Thx.
I can't wait to get home and try this on my new to me blazer. Thanks for posting
Great. Helpful and very detailed. I don't necessarily want to remove my doors for driving but this is my second time around painting. I'm doing it myself and the author is correct about the doors... Heavy. And uncooperative. This will help me with the taking off and on my doors multiple times. Thanks
This was exactly what I was looking for. Hoping to do this before the summer, so thanks!
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