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Tuffy Deluxe Stereo Console

Tuffy Deluxe Stereo Console

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Tuffy Deluxe Stereo Console
Over the next several months the Colorado K5 test Blazer will be undergoing much needed interior upgrades, and what better upgrade to start with than a security console from Tuffy. With the factory hard-top giving way to a soft-top this summer, consideration for security was a must. The stock console served the Blazer well for the past decade, but began to show it's weakness over the past few years with the plastic cracking and the lock sticking, and with virtually no security it's time had come.

The decision was to go with the charcoal deluxe stereo console (Part #017) to accommodate a CB radio for use on 4-wheel drive trips. The Tuffy deluxe stereo console features a separate compartment for mounting a stereo or CB radio and is available in 4 sizes ranging from 6 1/2" wide to 12 1/2" wide for Jeep CJ & YJ, Ford Bronco, Chevy Blazer, Intl. Scout, Land Rover Defender, some Toyota Land-Cruisers, trucks and SUVs with sufficient mounting space.


Worn out Stock Console with CB in plain view


Tuffy console with CB installed in security compartment
The Tuffy console has a rear compartment that features additional lockable storage for cellular phone, radar detector, CD changer, etc. It features a removable tray that is perfect for sunglasses and other smaller items, two drink holders, convenience tray in front (perfect for small change), rubber mat covering floor, armrest cushion constructed with long lasting marine vinyl over a dense foam core, heavy duty lid support cable.

The console comes complete with everything you will need for an easy installation, including grade 8 hardware, a cup holder that can be mounted in front or behind the console and a bottom bracket that supports the back of the console for a level fit. Tuffy also includes neoprene seals to stick along the edges of the cover to prevent rattles.

Normally the install is straight forward but in this situation the console needed to be installed approximately 3" rearward to accommodate a future automatic floor shifter that will be mounted on the transmission tunnel. Using the supplied support bracket would have been fine for a typical installation, but in the new rearward position it caused the back of the console to be higher than the front due to the slope of the transmission tunnel. After surveying the situation, the conclusion was to utilize the rear stock bracket on top of a piece of 1"x1" box steel that was cut to a length of 9". The piece of 1" metal can be purchased from any hardware store, typically in a 3' length and cut to fit using a hack-saw or power-saw with metal blade.


Rear bracket in the stock location


Rear bracket on top of custom 1" bracket
Two rear factory holes will have to be drilled out a little to allow the use of 1-1/2" bolts that will travel through the factory bracket and the new bracket. You will need to drill one hole in the floor to secure the front of the console using a supplied bolt and two new holes in the bottom of the console. Whether you install in the normal location or use this custom method there will be two holes in the floor from the stock front console bracket, simply apply a little silicone over the holes to keep the dirt and water out. The compartment that holds a stereo/CB has an open bottom which works great for running wires and antenna up from underneath the carpet. By utilizing this method it allowed the console to be installed further back and was perfectly level.

One thing that impressed me about Tuffy was how easy it was to obtain information about their product line, including specifications and detailed install instructions from their website. The only regret about this console, is that I didn't install it sooner, it is a very high quality, great looking product that will provide peace of mind when leaving the Blazer unattended with the top off or the windows down.


New VS Old


Plenty of room
Specifications: Comes pre-cut for a flat panel DIN mount style stereo, optional shaft- style adapter available, part #022. Stereo cut out 7 1/4" x 2 3/16", max installation depth is 7". CD changer max. size: Width 12" x Depth 10". Drink holder hole diameter 3 1/2". Rear compartment interior dimensions all models: length (tapered: top 12", bottom 16"), Height 10", Width 12 1/2".

Console & Cushion colors: Black, Light Gray, Charcoal, and Spice. (Stereo not included!)

Part #017: 24"L x 12 1/2W x 16 1/4"H - Recommended for full size Blazers, Broncos, Ramchargers, Suburbans, Vans, RVs, and pickup trucks with over 12 1/2" width between their bucket seats.
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