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  1. USSkoval

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    Very strange indeed. Maybe all that was cheaper to manufacture at the time than a solid hitch ball?
  2. USSkoval

    Is Anyone Still Using Portable Navigation Devices vs Waze or Google?

    I've got a couple Garmin Nuvi's that I like. I mostly use them to track my mileage, show an accurate speed and I always know what road is coming up. I use Google maps on my phone all the time too. Often I look at the suggested routes and if one is acceptable then I'll go with it. Satellite view...
  3. USSkoval

    removable top texture

    I'd like to know this as well. I know of all sorts of textured coatings, but I've not seen one that looks just like how GM did it.
  4. USSkoval

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    My '73 SS wagon looks a lot better after a good buff, imho. As-purchased a few months ago. Had not been on the road for nearly 25 years.
  5. USSkoval

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    Taillight held in with tape you say? Lol. That poor truck was solid as could be and fresh out of Texas when we bought it in '06. Now the left lower c-pillar is rotted clean off the floor and the right rear wheel housing literally fell out a few years back. Plus all the other rust.
  6. USSkoval

    Bad Parking Thread

    This car has been blocking the tire pump for over a day: Got back to the hotel a few nights ago, found this guy blocking half the truck lot because he evidently didn't know how to back up that giant trailer:
  7. USSkoval

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    Yeah it's going there too. But I felt obligated to post a daily pic, lol.
  8. USSkoval

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    This Dodge with a blown rear tire has been blocking the gas station air pump for over a day now.
  9. USSkoval

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    I wish I had the ambition and will power to relocate. But I like this area that I grew up in, I like my job and I like living right next door to my dad. But boy oh boy do I hate the salt and rust.
  10. USSkoval

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    I'm right there with ya. Besides the rust issues, anything related to the body is probably the most flimsy design ever produced by GM.
  11. USSkoval

    Bolt Thread question

    The internal combustion engine fits Webster's definition. But it's not recent either. General Motors Corporation, Chevrolet Motor Division, Ford Motor Company... "happy motoring", "motorists".... I could keep going with examples, lol.
  12. USSkoval

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    The front half was a "frame". They were set up much like the '67-'81 F-body and the '68-later X-bodies. The rear half and most of the body was the unitized type. Simply awesome. My wife keeps saying we should get a side by side but they are expensive. I keep telling her we could probably save...
  13. USSkoval

    Welding spring perches

    "This will likely" and "it seems like" says to me that you have never actually welded on a set of perches before. You are worrying too much and over speculating. Mountains out of mole hills. Doing it the right way is simply putting together a well built rig that will stand up to trail use...
  14. USSkoval

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    If you must burn tires, do it at night.
  15. USSkoval

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    The '96-current GM vans are full frame. Every G10-30 variant I've ever worked on has been a unibody with the bolt-in front engine/suspension crossmember.
  16. USSkoval

    6L80E questions

    Do you know the ratios for all 6 gears? I couldn't find them in a half-assed search. We just bought a '13 3500 Express with a 4.8/6L90/3.42 combo and it feels every bit as strong as the 6.0/4L80/4.10 combo in our '00 2500 Suburban. So far, it seems like a very good transmission. Well worth the...
  17. USSkoval

    Wanted '99-up Factory 8-lug Aluminum Wheels

    I'm looking for a set of the '99-up "PY0" aluminum wheels, with or without center caps. Nice ones preferably, with minimal corrosion under the clearcoat. These ones:
  18. USSkoval

    WA 1977 GMC Jimmy High Sierra $5,000 OBO (giving you guys first chance)

    Wow, that's in wonderful shape considering it appears to be mostly original. And the stock plaid seats are very hard to find these days.
  19. USSkoval

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    Holy crap, there's some goodies in there! Is the 4x4 van a part out deal or is it getting sold as a whole?
  20. USSkoval

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    Huh. I had no idea you could have them resharpened. I won't throw out anymore blades, lol About 35 bucks in most places around here I think. The metal blades that Harbor Freight sells work decent too, but they don't last long at all.
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