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  1. ktmoutfront

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    When I was a kid, we called them farm jacks. Pulled posts, stretched wire, lifted tractors. Did not see one mounted on an offroad vehicle until the late 80s.
  2. ktmoutfront

    The Bent77 K10: Not Dead 205

    I would bet the price of that piece that is what it is. 3d print the right one.
  3. ktmoutfront

    All week funnies: 04/17/20.....coronavirus separation

    The electric fence and the lawnmower.. We have a 6 ft. Square tube and welded wire fence in the front yard, and last Saturday, when I heard the Antifa Punks might be bringing their BS out to the country, I wanted to make sure they ran into a little resistance before meeting my Kimber 9mm, so I...
  4. ktmoutfront

    The Bent77 K10: Not Dead 205

    Did not realize you were installing a wood stove. I would be pissed.
  5. ktmoutfront

    MAD - Meme A Day

  6. ktmoutfront

    My shop build

    Lifts are nice to have. Please tell me you fixed the wiring to the pump. My OCD hit when I saw the second picture. Edit.... Never mind. Posted at the same time you did.
  7. ktmoutfront

    Weld these cracks or replace the pans?

    It started out for the seats, then morphed into an uncontrolled expansion.
  8. ktmoutfront

    MAD - Meme A Day

    Poke my eyes out now.
  9. ktmoutfront

    Vintage Chevy engine identification

    They made some funny big blocks back then. If I remember right, the 336 was available in a gas or diesel version. I do not remember where the distributor is located.
  10. ktmoutfront

    Weld these cracks or replace the pans?

    Mine were cracked worse than that. The tops of the high back seats were touching. No rust. Welded them after hammering back together. Then built a cage to mount the seats on.
  11. ktmoutfront

    MAD - Meme A Day

  12. ktmoutfront

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    Sounds like something broke and it had to be towed.:D
  13. ktmoutfront

    Blazer Bash 2021 general discussion thread. Shirts added to post 1.

    No newbie run. Do Steel Bender.
  14. ktmoutfront

    Band Saw Table

    I bet I have been through 20 blades on mine. Did you tell SWAG you were part of CK5.COM in the notes section. Troy sponsors Blazer Bash every year. Great people. Cool products.
  15. ktmoutfront

    MAD - Meme A Day

  16. ktmoutfront

    New rc toys

  17. ktmoutfront

    MAD - Meme A Day

  18. ktmoutfront

    MAD - Meme A Day

  19. ktmoutfront

    Steering issues.

    That is why getting it on an alignment rack important.
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