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  1. 6872xtc

    Random Thought Thread

    I was trying to avoid language that would shock youngsters like @Babaganoosh I don't want to be the blame for him needing more therapy, since he has moved past his tranny killing days. :haha:
  2. 6872xtc

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    I would use a chain to choke the post, then over the jack. There is probably a steel tab that will work somewhere.
  3. 6872xtc

    Random Thought Thread

    I rode with a buddy in a really stock J**p scrambler tonight. Of course, he got a call. I watched how he did, then started shifting for him with my left hand. I ain't done that in years!!! And the last time was with an 18 speed in a KW wrecker. What a kick! :saweet: And don't make it some...
  4. 6872xtc

    Fixed Power Steering Problem With My Square Body Crew Cab

    It's a whole different thing driving an old school style truck like those versus one that was produced solely for the size of the sleeper, fuel economy and lowest MSRP. I have always had the "truck bug", so I never liked lots of the "freight company " style trucks. Hauling them behind my...
  5. 6872xtc

    Fixed Power Steering Problem With My Square Body Crew Cab

    Nice!! :waytogo: And that's a cool shot with those sweet Pete's in the background. I sure miss being around trucks like those.
  6. 6872xtc

    Traction device choices 02 Silverado HD

    I will vote again for a Truetrac. My son agrees with me after driving his D-max with one for a year now. He bought one for his beater 4.8 2wd as well. I have had my big block shortbed K10 in wet sloppy snow and I was impressed. It doesn't require a different driving style in the snow like...
  7. 6872xtc

    Random Thought Thread

    So after my 2nd time installing this DEI tunnel shield.. I believe that putting it in with the engine and transmission in the truck takes a lot of patience and skill. @mrk5 :waytogo:
  8. 6872xtc

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    It's pretty slow in this thread, What the Heck? I made a little progress on my latest project. I had to slap the headers on for a minute too. LQ9 with a small Texas Speed cam.
  9. 6872xtc

    Wanted ‘81-87(91) front tow hooks

    @Capt Ron did you find your hooks? I found I set, but I haven't gotten a price from the guy yet. I won't bother if you found yours.
  10. 6872xtc

    PAD - Photo-A-Day

    I found a Blazer for sale that is the same color scheme as my Jimmy. I said that we should buy Jimmy's cousin. The wife told me AND our son NO!! Go figure.. And I parked next to a buddy's '55 1st series tonight. So picture!
  11. 6872xtc

    77 Blazer - The Beast build

    Ahh, I see. I can tell you that my '90 Jimmy is on a '79 frame. But I left the VIN tag alone on the body when I swapped it over. I have the title to the '79 K5 that I got the frame out of too. Yours just makes me wonder with some of the things that you found. Doesn't really make much...
  12. 6872xtc

    77 Blazer - The Beast build

    I really think that someone put a '77 VIN plate on a '89 or newer Blazer. The power mirrors, ECM tray, OBD port, sloped hood.. As long as you get everything registered, it doesn't matter much , as far as I know, but.. I didn't want to say this earlier, but things keep showing up that make me...
  13. 6872xtc

    468 BB Chevy - What is this worth?

    You should have posted a picture of it BEFORE you bolted the main caps back on. Now we can tell you that you should have removed the bolts before hammering on the cap. :haha: And yes, I expect a flip-off emoji in return. :D
  14. 6872xtc

    Interior windshield repair ideas

    The only thing that I can think of that is cheap and simple, is also very redneck, and not permanent at all. Carefully tape off and find a similar shade of blue rattle can paint to cove the bare metal, then use black duct tape to cover the hole. Trim the tape nicely to make it look...
  15. 6872xtc

    79' GMC -The Spruce Caboose -

    That looks bad, but at this point I wouldn't assume the worst until you run it more with new oil. It may be cleaning out.
  16. 6872xtc

    1982 C/K 6.0L Caitlyn Mall Crawler (Head Light Switch)

    Rear suspension. Easy choice.
  17. 6872xtc

    Anyone want to go wheel moab next week?

    I wish that I was ready AND could get the days off. :cry:
  18. 6872xtc

    Bad Parking Thread

    I thought that you had the weekend off?? :dunno: Nasty stuff you apparently found.
  19. 6872xtc

    1972 K5 Electrical Issues

    The splice of the red wires looks factory to me. It should have been covered in a decent layer of tape. The factory stuff was thick. The small fuse is only for the shunt wire to the ammeter in the dash. There is one on each side of the radiator support at the corner, near the fender. It...
  20. 6872xtc

    1969 C10

    I would use chocks.. chalk would be better to make new lines in the parking lot. Or to play hopscotch.
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