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14 bolt

  1. P

    WA SOLD Dana 60 and 14 Bolt with ORD Cross Over Steering etc.

    Hi there, I have since sold my 72' and will no longer need the axles or parts. It's a Dodge Dana 60 with 4.10 gears. The rear is a 73 14 bolt with 4.10's I have the ORD crossover steering and the ORD shackles to make it bolt in to a 67-72 as well as the steering box brace dana 60 u bolts/ studs...
  2. scouthead

    1988 K5 the "Big Blue" compromise

    Think I got a build thread going finally- this one might be redundant now
  3. 86 K5, The truck with no name

    86 K5, The truck with no name

    Guess since real progress is happening it deserves a build. It's 86 K5 with no options that my dad bought in 2011, he passed away later that year and I've had it since, though I never really got around to much with it (Due mostly to personal reasons I only saw last year) When I got ahold of...
  4. firemedicsafd

    Sold 20x10 wheels and 355/60R20 tires for sale
  5. T

    Sold K5 blazer 1ton w/doubler I hate to do this but its been 3 years and i'm still not finished. I'm missing the trails. Bad. I've had the blazer for 15 plus years. And its been through a few phases. This current stage is due to my...
  6. LTK5

    Offroad LTK5

    The goal of this build is to transform this truck into a street-legal trail crawler. Something fun to cruise to the beach or around town, but also hold it's own on the trails. 40" tires is the plan. Making that "streetable" is gonna be fun. :haha: I'm creating this to keep all the pics/info from...
  7. 1990 K5 - Adventure Wheeler: Tons, Cage, etc.

    1990 K5 - Adventure Wheeler: Tons, Cage, etc.

    Going through the old girl and trying to make a mild wheeler that can be driven to and from trail heads
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