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1971 blazer

  1. Jetfire

    Wanted 1971 Blazer: Hatch for Hardtop and/or Hardtop with Hatch

    I'm in the Seattle area, willing to travel a bit for a hatch in decent shape. I have leads on tops, but no viable hatches. If you have a hatch only or a top with hatch and are anywhere near Washington State, please contact me. Thanks!
  2. Jetfire

    Seals for a 1st Gen

    Just wanted to double check with you guys. Looking at seals for the project. Is LMC a good way to go, or are there other options with better quality or price? Starting with their "cab seal kit" and pieces for the tailgate.
  3. 1971 K5 Blazer (paint, hardtop, and .....)

    1971 K5 Blazer (paint, hardtop, and .....)

    Just picked up my '71 recently. Always wanted a 1st Gen Blazer! It's in good shape mechanically and a lot of the rust was removed. Lucked out and have access to a shop to work on it and keep it parked inside. Not looking to build a show car, but I want it to look good and be reliable. I plan to...
  4. Jetfire

    1971 K5 Blazer (paint, hardtop, and .....)

    Jetfire submitted a new Build: 1971 K5 Blazer (paint, hardtop, and .....) Read more about this build here...
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